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The following tips can help you in many ways. Unfortunately, our world is complex and these issues cannot be reduced to a paragraph or 30-second sound bite. If one of the these tips applies to you, check it out with a qualified professional in that area. Our seminars may cover some of these topics with qualified professionals as the speaker. This page is updated continously.

  • Regardless of your assets, most all things you've heard about Medi-Cal qualification are not correct or if correct, may not apply other situations, such as yours. This applies to people at either end of the income or wealth spectrum.

  • Knowledge is the key to your daily and long term success. There's too many "every body" knows statements. Ongoing education and life long learning will help you to learn the truth about the area of question.

  • Owned one or more homes in the past and think you don't qualify for the first time home buyer's $8,000 tax credit for 2009? The rules define the first time home buyer as someone who hasn't had an ownership interest in a primary residence in the last three years. The rules aren't straight foward, but are in your favor; check with your tax advisor.

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